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Borma Wachs Wood sealer water-based colorless 750ml

Borma Wachs Wood sealer water-based colorless 750ml
Borma Wachs Wood sealer water-based colorless 750ml

The Wood Sealer from Borma Wachs is a water-based and colorless sealer suitable for all untreated wood types, especially exotic woods. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The Wood sealer is very durable and excellent water repellent. Leaves a virtually untreated, matte finish after 2 treatments. Also suitable for 'closing' chalk paints.

- fast drying time and non-sticky
- environmentally friendly
- wear resistant
- water repellent
- consumption: 12-14 m2 per liter

Instructions for use
- Apply with a brush, roller or sponge.
- Smooth surfaces should first be lightly sanded.
- The surface must be clean, dry and free of dust.
- Apply at least 2 layers to get good coverage. Drying time 4-6 hours.

When used over chalk paint
This Wood Sealer is a transparent sealer that is also suitable for walls, woodwork and other painted surfaces. The sealer is often used on the back wall of a kitchen so that it is extra washable and the grease stains do not penetrate the paint. It can also be applied to a wall as paneling to better protect this part of the wall. For example, along a staircase or in a toilet.

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