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Chalk wax / Liming wax

Model: 30051
Lime wax / chalk wax 370 ml. White** for creating a white look / finish on your furniture.** Suitable for all types of wood.** On turpentine basis** Tip! Very nice effect, as a finish layer over your chalk paint!** Budget wax ... is therefore less "strong" white in color than the chalk wax and the B..
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Model: 2036111
Chalk wax / lime wax white - Borma WachsLiming waxStrongly coloring and very qualitative chalk / lime wax.A-quality, natural wax with carnauba5 lit.** Tip ... very suitable as a finish layer, over the chalk paint!This product, formulated with pure bees and carnauba waxes, enriches and nourishes any ..
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