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Model: 2036037
Degreaser / Cleaner for floors / Natura - Borma WachsFor cleaning your wooden floor from the "old" oil and wax layers.Can be used diluted (up to 1 in 5) or pure, for strong or stubborn dirt!1 Lit...
€ 16.95
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Model: 30012
Alcohol puur 99 procent - Borma Wachs 5Lit.Special solvent for Shellac with high solving power. Fast drying, not graying.How to useOnce it has been found the right shellac to obtain the desired finishing, dissolve it in Shellac 99, with an initial ratio of 300 gr. per Lt.After 24 hrs, filt..
€ 49.95
Ex Tax:€ 41.28
Model: 20820
Very suitable for bleaching various types of wood. Consists of 2 components: 1 liter of component A and 500ml of component B.Two component product ideal for whitening wooden surfaces. It does not require rinsing and does not alter the wood fiber. It contains caustic soda and oxygenated water. For pr..
€ 22.95
Ex Tax:€ 18.97
Model: 2034502
Borma Wachs Deck Soap wooden floor cleaner is suitable for all types of wood. Ideal for routine cleaning of patios, fencing, furniture and other outdoor surfaces, oiled or lacquered. It efficiently removes dirt and grease without damaging the wood. Suitable for everyday use. Dilute 5-10% of the prod..
€ 16.95
Ex Tax:€ 14.01
Model: 2034501
Borma Wachs exterior wood cleaner is a one-component water-based cleaner with biologically active ingredients. It allows efficient cleaning and prepares the surface for subsequent treatments. It removes dirt and lightens the color of the wood.Specifically intended for outdoor use. We recommend ..
€ 16.95
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Model: 2034500
Borma Wachs Extra strong wood cleaner enables intensive cleaning of wood. It removes stubborn dirt and previous oil or alkyd based treatments. It is also particularly useful for degreasing exotic woods that are particularly rich in oils and extracts. In this case it is recommended to dilute the prod..
€ 16.95
Ex Tax:€ 14.01
Model: 2036127
Borma Wachs No Grey wood reviver water based is a special cleaning agent to restore gray wood to its natural colour. It removes the gray coating caused by the decomposition of wood when exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Suitable for pool decks, terraces, garden furniture etc. Processing by hand or m..
€ 16.95
Ex Tax:€ 14.01
Model: 300121
Special solvent for shellac with high dissolving power. Quick drying and does not fade. Used for polishing wood, especially for the restoration of antique furniture, and is especially suitable for shellac thinning. It is miscible with water, acetone, ether, etc.Instructions:- Once the right shellac ..
€ 12.95
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Model: 2036026
Meubelreiniger / glansmaker - Borma Wachs500 ml.** Zeer geschikt om vochtvlekken weg te werken en uw meubels weer te laten glanzen.Made from a blend of exotic oils and root’s extracts, this product help to bring back a shine to all lacquered and varnished surfaces.Specially developed to remove halos..
€ 18.25
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Model: 20430-HEL
Especially for antique and valuable furniture.Renews / refreshes and nourishes the treated surfaces.also very suitable for veneered furniture. Small scratches and discolored spots often disappear like snow in the sun.  Consumption;Roh- und Weichholz: 20 m2 / Lt.Roh- und Hartholz: 40 m..
€ 23.95
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Model: 20430-MH
Furniture restauro - 1 lit. Mahogany wood.Especially for antique and valuable furniture. Dark brown.Renews / refreshes and nourishes the treated surfaces.also very suitable for veneered furniture. Small scratches and discolored spots often disappear like snow in the sun.  Consumption;..
€ 23.95
Ex Tax:€ 19.79
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