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Borma Wachs Cylindrical Buffing Brush (100x125mm)

Borma Wachs Cylindrical Buffing Brush (100x125mm)
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Borma Wachs Cylindrical Buffing Brush (100x125mm)

A cylindrical drill attachment to get a professional sheen when buffing waxes. The Borma Wachs Cylindrical Buffing Brush is the perfect tool for buffing waxed wood such as wooden furniture or wood crafts. Simply attach to any variable speed drill to quickly and easily buff a variety of wood waxes.

Features and Highlights
- A cylindrical buffing brush designed for buffing large flat areas
- Ideal for use with furniture wax and polishes
- 100mm diameter, 125mm length, 22mm bristle length
- For use in conjunction with variable speed drills

Take care to protect and cover surrounding areas when using drill buffing brushes. There is potential for wax or polish debris to cover surrounding areas if too much product or pressure is applied. Always wear protective goggles or glasses when using a drill buffing brush.

Please note: When using this brush to buff wax on a wooden surfaces, the bristles of the brush should only make light contact with the wax. Applying too much pressure is more likely to strip the wax from the wood.

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