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Pastel Stain Grass Green (134) 1 liter

Pastel Stain Grass Green (134) 1 liter
Pastel Stain Grass Green (134) 1 liter

Pastelbeits Groen - Borma Wachs

Groen 134



Modern ready-to-use water tints.
For imaginative colouring of indoor wood. Brush-spray-cloth application.

Keep from freezing.

The product is recommended for indoor use and for open-pore woods such as fir tree. However, Nadelholzbeize is not recommended for very resinous woods (resin seepage may cause stains). Can be varnished once dry.


How to use

  • Surfaces must be unpainted, clean and free of dust, wax and grease.
    Wasserbeize is ready-to-use. Mix the product well before use.

  • Spray the product quite generously on to the surface to be treated.
    The product should be applied at room temperatures of 5-40°C.

  • Total drying time: 24 hours



Brush the surface in the direction of the graining to remove the light white film. When completely dry, sand lightly (minimum grain 220) and fix with Gel base coat or reinforce the surface with the Wood hardener.
If the surface is shellac finish, we advise applying Borma Sanding Sealer.
If the finish is to be waxed, use Decor wax coating for indoor and outdoor use or Beeswax in paste form.
For oil finish, use Hard finishing oil.

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