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Wasbeits  5 lit. Donker-Dark brown.

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Wasbeits 5 lit. Donker-Dark brown.

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Wasbeits - Borma Wachs

Donker bruin


The product is recommended for indoor use and for open-pore woods such as fir tree. However, Wachsbeize is not recommended for items of furniture subject to frequent use such as tables, chairs etc. or for very resinous woods (resin seepage may cause stains).


How to use

  • Mix the product well before use. The wood must not be varnished; it must be free of dust, grease and wax. Apply at a room temperature between 5 and 40°C.

  • Apply with a brush or preferably spray an abundant coat.Leave to dry for 4 hours.

  • Completely dry after 10-12 hours at 20°C.

  • Brush in the direction of the graining to get the antique wax effect, which exalts the structure of the wood (a positive effect).
    Protect from frost.


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EAN 8014885052964
Manufacturer Borma Wachs
Inhoud 5 liter