Digikeur Code of Conduct

Parts & Pieces endorses the Digikeur Code of Conduct and meets the criteria that Digikeur sets for its members. This means for you as a consumer:

14 days trial period

You have 14 days from the day after receipt of your order to cancel your purchase agreement.

Clear service and conditions

Good accessibility and after-sales service are requirements to qualify for the Digikeur Webwinkel Keurmerk.

Full refund on return

Don't like your order? If you return it within the trial period and in accordance with the shipping instructions of the webshop, only the costs of returning will be for your account.

Information obligation of a web shop

The webshop is obliged to clearly state contact details, the registration with the Chamber of Commerce and the general terms and conditions on the website. This way you always know who you are doing business with.

own complaints committee

Disputes between the webshop and you can be submitted to the complaints committee of Stichting Digikeur. The webshop is obliged to cooperate in this.

Parts & Pieces uses an SSL certificate

An SSL Certificate is important for the identity of the website and its owner. It gives confidence. Visitors to the website know that their personal data is handled securely and malicious parties cannot 'eavesdrop' on this. The certificate also means they know that the data will only reach the owner. The importance of a reputable brand, which is known for thorough validation and is used by large companies, should not be underestimated. A well-known name will make visitors trust the site more quickly.

SSL is a legal requirement
The law states that it is mandatory to secure the transmission of personal data via the internet. The Dutch Data Protection Authority (CBP) therefore recommends using an SSL Certificate. For more information, please visit the legal requirements page.

The meaning of SSL
SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. The third version of SSL was the basis of the Transport Layer Security (TLS), the current implementation of SSL. But the name SSL is still used when it comes to securing the internet connection.

Learn more about SSL
There are different validation methods for the SSL Certificates, namely domain name validated (DV), organization validated (OV) and extended validated (EV). Moreover, there are several types of certificates. Under the heading products in the menu bar, we clearly explain this per category and you can read more about the different types, validation methods and brands.


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