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Borma Wachs Shellac Polish Black 1 liter

Borma Wachs Shellac Polish Black 1 liter
Borma Wachs Shellac Polish Black 1 liter

This ready-to-use shellac solution has been developed according to a centuries-old recipe. It gives all types of wood a high shine and at the same time leaves a pleasant softness. The natural yellow hue also contributes to a warm, intense finish that is perfect for antique furniture.

- especially for antique furniture

- gives a warm, silky effect

- apply 3 times at intervals of 1 - 2 hours for maximum effect


- The wood must not be varnished and must be free of dust, grease and wax.

- After sanding, the product should be applied at room temperature not lower than 10ºC.

- Apply a series of fine coats with a brush or pad. Avoid air bubbles.

- Due to the high concentration of the active ingredient (32%) it may be necessary to dilute the product with 10-20% Borma Wachs Shellac 99 to facilitate application on difficult substrates.

- Wait at least 1-2 hours between coats. Make sure the previous application is dry before starting the next one.

- Fully dried after 24 hours at 20ºC. To preserve the finish and achieve the antique effect, apply beeswax.

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